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Sensitivity Management


More than 55% of all adults of 50 years and older suffer from hypersensitivity. PrevDent products are Fluoride Free and contain nHAp™ (nano-hydroxyapatite) that helps to remineralise teeth in a natural way.

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Repair Whitening


It is not about 'teeth-whitening’, it is about ’healthy teeth-whitening’. Using nHAp™ in PrevDent Repair Whitening products makes them so special that we may claim that they ’Clean, re-Whiten & Repair’.

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Having teeth aligned is a great advantage of modern dentistry. However the development of 'white spot lesions' and caries remain a problem in orthodontic patients. OrthoCare™ nHAp™ based products are specially developed to help to avoid the development of white spot lesions.

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